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TFGL Weekly - Designing for literally everyone (in the country)

  • 49:52
  • October 14th 2018

This week the gang are joined by Simon Wilson from DWP Digital. We talk about building inclusive services. We pick our favourites amongst the D&AD Impact pencil winners and get into a heated discussion about the misuse of the word Impact.

Can misguided tech decisions shape catastrophic national policies? Is there space in the world for an Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Impact award and what does David Slaughter think about robot farmers?

You know, just a typical week of nonsense on the Tech for Good Live podcast.

Thanks to the magnificent PR Agency One who try to make sense of this mess. Also, thanks to for hosting us in a beautiful mirrored studio. Which you can’t see. But it is pretty.


Things we mentioned:


Special thanks to @geekytom for the theme tune

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