TFGL Weekly - Smell-O-Vision and disembodied heads in jars
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TFGL Weekly - Smell-O-Vision and disembodied heads in jars
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The whole gang's back together again, not sure we’ve had them on the same pod since perms were in fashion. They’re also joined by new Tech for Good Live volunteer Amelia who thought she was just coming to chat about helping out and got roped into coming on the pod. Amelia is a cyber security specialist with an interest in GDPR and had no idea what she was letting herself in for.

This week the team discuss the joys of distance working, YouTube’s new fundraising tools, ‘YouTube Giving’, and the GDS design system. For the first time EVER the rant of the week is courtesy of a letter from a listener who is a little disappointed in Hip-Hop star GZA. His new project on Netflix, to make science interesting to a younger generation, raises the question, should unqualified people with influence be speaking on important topics? Find out as this group of unqualified people discuss...don’t worry, they have no influence.


Things we mentioned:

Stat of the week:

62% of distance workers say they feel connected to their office colleagues but only 40% of those colleagues feel the same way



Charity news of the week:

YouTube launches new fundraising tools:



Tech news of the week:

GDS launch search for their GOV.UK design system:


And Finally:

Dad reflexes:




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