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TFGL Weekly - Take Your Drugs

  • 41:02
  • December 3rd 2018

This week find drama, intrigue, mystery and stolen data as the gang delve into what’s going on with Amazon’s HQ, take a look at the folks who have collaborated on a new Charity Digital Code of Practise and find out why Facebook are mad about their data being stolen...lolz.

Joining host Fay Schofield are Greg Ashton, Harry Bailey and Producer Paul.


Things we mentioned:

Stat of the week

Amazon HQ hustle - 6.4 miles


Charity news of the week

Charity digital code of practice:

Assessment “tool”:

Digital skills for trustees:

Tech news of the week

Unprecedented event as MPs force seizure of documents relating to Cambridge Analytica:


And Finally...

The unfortunately named AI and robotics program aiming to help older people (They called it ARIES):


Thanks to the magnificent PR Agency One who try to make sense of this mess. Also, thanks to for hosting us in a beautiful mirrored studio. Which you can’t see. But it is pretty.


Special thanks to @geekytom for the theme tune


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