TFGL2019 - S1 - Ep3 - Can Social Media Kill?
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TFGL2019 - S1 - Ep3 - Can Social Media Kill?
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Welcome everyone to yet another joyous edition of the Tech for Good Live podcast. We have much to talk about. Such as… Porn! Suicide! Terrifying rogue japanese robots! And the beginning of the end for fundraising platform MyDonate.

In the studio this week is Ben White, who has been away for a while, rearing children. He's joined by pod regular Jonny Rae-Evans and host Bex.

AND WE HAVE A GUEST! Lauren Coulman lent us her wonderful voice.

Lauren is a social entrepreneur, and founder of social impact consultancy Noisy Cricket, which builds people-powered movements through bringing diverse voices together to create social change.

Things discussed:

Stat of the week:

An “Internet Matters” report has found that 83% of parents support government plans to introduce age-verification on porn sights to increase online safety


Charity news of the week:

BT to close fundraising platform “My Donate”


Tech news of the week:

Instagram helped kill my daughter:


Facebook to integrate Whatsapp, Messenger and Facebook?


And finally 2 mins



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