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TFGL2019 - S1 - Ep5 - We Are The Product

  • S1E5
  • 46:23
  • February 14th 2019

If you are listening to this on the release day, it’s Valentine’s Day! That means the faint smells of love and capitalist greed are in the air. Such joy. Much happiness. Such card purchases.

We have a jam packed show this week, filled with stories about islamophobia on twitter, we talk about cockroaches and how they relate to technology. Germany are being the heroes we all need now in the fight against intrusive advertising. AND we even have some time to talk about Captain Marvel. Because she’s totally all about using Kree technology - but only for good.

Bex is back hosting this week, she's joined by a expletive heavy Greg Aston, Jonny Rae-Evans, and Dsposal's Tom Passmore.

Our special guest this week is Jo Morfee from the excellent InnovateHer. You can find her on Twitter (@JoMorfee)

Find out more about InnovateHer at:

This weeks topics:

Stats of the week:

New algorithm finds 48% of tweets from 45 far right accounts contain weak to strong Islamophobia:

Charity news of the week:

Hemsley Conservation centre have great campaign idea for valentines, name a cockroach after your ex:

Which was then stolen by a Texan zoo:

Tech news of the week:

Facebook advertising business could be outlawed in Germany and they’ve explained why this is an antitrust issue, a first step to reducing the power of their empire:

Rant of the week:

Ignorance or just plain apathy:

And finally...

Captain Marvel promoters try to make a retro website but piss off some geeks:

Thanks to for hosting us in a beautiful mirrored studio. Which you can’t see. But it is pretty.

Special thanks to @geekytom for the theme tune.

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