TFGL2019 - S2 - Ep1 - Mental Health Unmasked
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TFGL2019 - S2 - Ep1 - Mental Health Unmasked
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Hello! It’s time again for another episode of the Tech for Good Live podcast!

We’ve been on little break as part of our new seasonal format, this means we have had time to share some specials like our live podcasts from UX Copenhagen. See, we do have friends!

If you haven’t already, go and check them out.

Now back to this week and we to talk about yet another leak at Facebook, an exciting new app for mental health support and AI and tech regulation.

Tom and Sophie from Dsposal are back on the pod, joining regular Greg Ashton, and Producer Paul.

And we have not one but two special guests! Doug and Logan from Unmasked. They're here to tell us about their new app to help people with mental health issues find friendship and support. You can find out more about the project on their website:


Or find them on Twitter @UnmaskedH

On this weeks episode:

Stat of the week:

This week Facebook leaked only 540 million user records:


Oh and asked users to tell them their passwords for their email account:


Charity news of the week:

Unmasked app:


Tech news of the week:

American companies argue increased regulation will mean China beats them in the race to develop AI, China help by making the case for them in the most unethical ways:


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