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Tech for Good Live

TFGL2019 - S2 - Ep2 - Intent & Impact

  • S2E2
  • 47:10
  • April 18th 2019

On the podcast this week we talk about tech being used for good. Again. Do you keep your social media profile private? We talk about that. And vigilantes are shaming people who damage national parks. A bit like a shit but less violent batman.

Reason Digital's Greg Ashton and Producer Paul are here and Harry Bailey has jumped into into the hosting hotseat.

And we have a guest! Jack Sheppard joins us!

Jack is a digital product designer and creative event producer who splits his time between London and Manchester. He focuses on making products and services simple for real human beings and encouraging designers to think about the real-life implications of the things they design. You can find him on Twitter @madebysheppard and his website.

On this weeks episode:

Stat of the week:

67% of women keep their social profiles to friends only, opposed to 48% of men:

Charity news of the week:

Vigilante shaming “influencers” who impact national parks:

Does this cast a cautionary light on the Forestry England event Big Forest Find starting today:

Tech news of the week:

Julian Assange is released, what next in his weird life:

The "nice" of the week:

Extinction rebellion peaceful but persistent protests

And finally

Sex robots!

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