TFGL2019 - S2 - Ep7 - A CATS Special
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TFGL2019 - S2 - Ep7 - A CATS Special
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Voice assistants are well sexist. We talk about that. We talk about a massive overhaul of the process of booking a breast and cervical cancer screening. Apparently it should be as simple as booking a plane ticket. Nancy Pelosi isn’t drunk - but Facebook is indifferent either way. And we have a rant about how doing good things with tech is turning into a pissing contest. Eyerolls all round.

And we have a special guest! Seren, Creative Awareness Lead for the CATS campaign. You can find her on Twitter https://twitter.com/Seren_AHJ

CATS (Cancer Awareness in Teenagers Society) are all about making sure young people know the common signs and symptoms of cancer - Find out more about their fantastic work at http://www.thecatscampaign.org/

This weeks stories...

Stat of the week:

5% of voice assistant interactions were “unambiguously sexually explicit”:




UNESCO report “Think Piece 2”: https://bit.ly/2YZm154

Charity news of the week:

Making an appointment for breast and cervical cancer screening should be as simple as booking a plane ticket online, says the man behind an overhaul of the current system in England.


Tech news of the week:

Facebook leaves shallow fake (that’s a thing now) video of Nancy Pelosi online:




Additional reading:


Rant of the week:

Is everything just an ethics competition now?


And finally...

“Not wank” can be an acceptable vote:


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