TFGL2019 - S2 - Ep8 - Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
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TFGL2019 - S2 - Ep8 - Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
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This week we are talking about the exceptional turnover of socially responsible tech companies in the UK, a startup has launched an AI to help detect parkinsons and Twitter is doing research to work out if Nazis are bad. Yep. 2019 everyone. It’s 2019. (definitely not 2009)

We have a guest! Co-Founder and design partner at Hactar, Jonty Sharples. Find out more about Hactar at http://hactar.is/


OneSub is our June sponsor and is also super interesting. OneSub is a brand new startup that’s on a bit of a mission to break the “echo chamber” - that thing we’re all stuck in where Facebook and Google and Twitter only show us more of the same.

OneSub’s trying to change all that.

By training an AI to read the news for you, OneSub is able to show you an alternative perspective to any news story in seconds. It learns what you’ve read so that each day it can highlight just a few important stories to help you build a balanced view of the world… and to put your phone down when you’re all caught up.

OneSub is crowdfunding in June to kick start its public launch. Get involved at onesub.io/invest

This weeks topics:

Stat of the week:

Socially responsible technology companies in the UK have a turnover of £732 million opposed to £634 million from the manufacture of consumer electronics:


Charity news of the week:

Startup launches ai app detecting parkinson’s:


Tech news of the week:

Twitter isn’t sure if nazi’s are bad:


Rant of the week:

Does politics need to change? And we’re not just talking about parties:


Similar 2017 study


Is this the answer in the US:


And finally...

Gotta catch em all, and by all we mean sheep cause Pikachu is gonna help you sleep:


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