TFGL2019 - S3 - Ep2 - Giving 10x Sh!ts for Good
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TFGL2019 - S3 - Ep2 - Giving 10x Sh!ts for Good
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We have an action packed episode of greatness for you this week. Amazon have teamed up with the NHS. What could go wrong? Stanford are doing something around facial recognition. There is also something in the agenda about “Giving a Shit for Good”. That seems on brand.

We have a smaller team this time out, small but mighty. Like poorly diluted Vimto. It’s too syrupy. Too strong. Everyone regrets it. But it is powerful.

Host Bex Rae-Evans is joined by Reason Digital's Greg Ashton, and Head of Design at Snook, Jonny Rae-Evans.

Topics discussed in the episode:

Stat of the week:

10,000 images and 82,000 annotated heads is just one data set created by Stanford university for facial recognition datasets


Charity news of the week:

Give a shit for good:


Tech news of the week:

Quick mention for the Facebook record fine:


Main story - Amazon to team up with NHS:





And finally...

Sight for the blind:


Thanks to podcast.co for hosting us in a beautiful mirrored studio. Which you can’t see. But it is pretty.

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