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TFGL2019 - S3 - Ep4 - Bamboo Panda Tech

  • S3E4
  • 46:02
  • August 2nd 2019

We're back in the studio this week and Sophie Walker from Dsposal is in the hosting hotseat, sitting in for Bex who is currently drowning in a sea of foster kittens (no, really!)

She's joined by podcast regulars Greg Ashton and Paul Jakubowski from Reason Digital.

And we have a special guest, Alex Alexandrescu. Alex is Co-Founder of Dicey Tech, helping companies prototype and develop smart products, using that same knowledge to create future-proof educational experiences.

You can find out more about Dicey Tech at and you can find Alex on Twitter

Topics this week include:

Stat of the week:

24% of people in the UK now use digital payment apps and NSPCC have taken advantage of this: 

Charity news of the week:

Instagram launch donation stickers in Europe: 

Quick mention...

£2 million available from Nesta’s Future News fund:

Tech news of the week:

The worm continues to turn, really really slowly, for tech:: 

And finally..

Ear tickling can prevent aging:

Thanks to for hosting us in a beautiful mirrored studio. Which you can’t see. But it is pretty.

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