TFGL2019 - S3 - Ep7 - Digital Maturity
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TFGL2019 - S3 - Ep7 - Digital Maturity
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On this week’s show we talk about digital maturity in the charity sector. We’ll also find out more about some awesome new Girl Scout badges, such as coding for good and Tom is going to rant about recycling. 

Our guest this week is Nissa Ramsay. Nissa is a freelance research consultant working in the tech for good space. You can find her on Twitter @NissaRamsay

In her own words, it’s pretty niche, but if what you do sounds like what Nissa does - i.e. you work in UK charity sector, freelance, in the tech for good space, but basically you are not a tech person - then join their community. Or send them info on projects you need (paid) help for and want to advertise to freelancers:


On Digital Maturity - if you’d like to take part in the next phase of the research, please get in touch with [email protected] 

You can hear more about the findings from the Digital Maturity research via the Catalyst network at the end of August, via their Medium blog https://medium.com/wethecatalysts

TheCatalyst.org.uk is the major new collaborative to bring a social purpose to the digital revolution.

Catalyst is a coalition of major foundations, digital design agencies, civil society bodies and the UK government seeking to massively accelerate the use of digital in the UK’s voluntary and charity sector.

CAST is the incubator and a member of  TheCatalyst.org.uk 

You can see their poster about the findings here: http://thinksocialtech.org/digitalmaturityresearh/poster 

And finally, you can also read their Guide to Digital Maturity Assessments here


Things we talked about in this week’s show:

Stat of the week: 50 guides, codes, self-assessment tools, research papers and blogs on digital maturity:


Charity news of the week: Girl Scouts launches a bunch of new badges including coding for good:


Tech news of the week:

Amazon facepalms in a naked attempt to spread propaganda about their fulfilment centres:



Rant of the week: The article grinding Tom’s gears:


And finally... A nice refugee story from Twitter:


Thanks to podcast.co for hosting us in a beautiful mirrored studio. Which you can’t see. But it is pretty.

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