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TFGL2019 - S3 - Ep8 - #CharitySoWhite

  • S3E8
  • 47:14
  • August 30th 2019

This week we are talking about Ecosia and the Amazon being on fire. The hashtag #CharitySoWhite was trending on Twitter - we talk about that. And there’s a new food-sharing platform that we should probably tuck into. Pun 100% intended. 

And we have a great guest with us today!

Michal Wisniewski from Flock, a #HR #tech #startup that recently completed the #LisbonChallengeAccelerator.

Flock’s mission is to help people find their calling at work. They help businesses to raise performance by aligning core values and motivations within organisations.

Find out more here:

This week’s topics:

Stat of the week: Ecosia search engine sees a 1,150% spike in users following Amazon fires:

EU offers £16million to help fight Amazon fires:

Which Brazil are turning down:

But is the situation worse in Africa:

Charity news of the week: #charitySoWhite:

Tech news of the week:

Food sharing platform aka Jonny’s nightmare -

Rant of the week:

Biometrics is a lie...

And finally...

Trump thinks he’s living in a Channel 5 Sci-Fi movie:

Thanks to for hosting us in a beautiful mirrored studio. Which you can’t see. But it is pretty.

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