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TFGL2019 - S4 - Ep1 - Excuse Removers

  • S4E1
  • 49:59
  • September 27th 2019

Welcome back to a brand new season of the Tech for Good Live podcast. That’s right - we got renewed for another season. That’s how popular we are! Either that, or we all just made a collective decision to stay onboard this sinking ship. We’ll see it out to the bitter, bloody end.

We have lots to talk about this week, including a report that Facebook seem to be doing something about privacy concerns of 3rd party apps - whaaaat? European charities are lagging behind the rest of the world with online donations, and tech thinks it can stop your neighbour from being an absolute knobber.

Host Bex, Producer Paul and this weeks researcher Harry Bailey are joined by trustee, journalist and all round tech for good allstar, Pauline Roche!

You can find Pauline on Twitter @paulineroche

And you can find Ellie Hale's 'collating climate tech for good' post here:

Stories mentioned on this weeks pod:

Stat of the week: 

“Tens of thousands”. Facebook suspends tens of thousands of apps amid privacy investigation into rampant data theft:

Charity news of the week: 

European charities are behind rest of world in accepting online donations:

Big Issue vendors to accept contactless payments

Tech news of the week: 

Nextdoor’s new Kindness Reminder wants to stop neighbors from being so mean:

Homes in north London are set to be heated by warm air from the London Underground:

Introducing the Hippocratic License: a modified MIT license that specifically prohibits the use of open source software to harm others:

Rant of the week:

Are brain implants the future of thinking?:

And finally...

Fish scales and red algae used to make biodegradable plastic which can be put into household or industrial compost heaps:


Boston Dynamics set to begin leasing it’s Spot robot to companies with a suitable use for one:

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