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TFGL2019 - S4 - Ep2 - Where Does The Money Go?

  • S4E2
  • 49:43
  • October 4th 2019

t’s October! Which means it is officially autumn. October, as you all know, is officially the greatest month of the year. A season of mist and mellow fruitfulness.


As the golden leaves slowly tumble from their branches, we’ll be covering a range of fascinating stories. The ongoing NHS privatisation is on our agenda. The CharityComms survey results are out, and as you’d imagine, everything is not ok.  

We have a guest with us!

Hera Hussain - Feminist and founder of award winning tech project, ChaynHQ, helping survivors of abuse get the information and support they need.

She also finds time to help the Open Contracting Partnership to make government contracting more open.

Find her on Twitter @herahussain

This week’s topics:

Stat of the week: 

40% of small value NHS contracts were given to private firms following section 75 of the 2012 NHS act equating to £9.3billion in funding for 2018 - but the good news is this might be on the way out: 

Charity news of the week: 

CharityComms 2019 Salary Survey: 

Related update on #charitysowhite: 

And a guide to wellbeing for comms professionals: 

Tech news of the week: 

Finding balance at TikTok:

TikTok Pledges $2 Million Dollars for the Season of Giving Back with #CreateforaCause - 

TikTok's local moderation guidelines ban pro-LGBT content - 

And finally...

They’re bringing back Spitting Image!!: 

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