TFGL2019 - S4 - Ep3 - Fans of Forgiveness
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TFGL2019 - S4 - Ep3 - Fans of Forgiveness
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Nesta have announced the finalists for the “Tech to Connect” competition. Fake accounts are lobbying the US government to destroy the internet. Facebook have done something again. It's probably awful? That’s normally how it goes, we can’t keep track anymore!

We’ll also be talking about My Little Ponies. FINALLY. This is why Bex got into podcasting.

And we have the return of a guest, Phil Lennon!

Phil is a Freelance Lead Frontend, UI & Hybrid App Consultant, and part of the GROUP OF HUMANS. A curated network of the best designers, strategists, technologists and creatives in the world.

You can find him online here

This week’s topics:

Stat of the week: 

9.6 million fake comments made to US government by lobbyists in support of scraping net neutrality:


Charity news of the week:  

Nesta announce finalists for Tech to Connect competition:

Charity News announcement: https://bit.ly/32bu3tr 

Full list: https://techtoconnect.challenges.org/finalists/

Tech news of the week: 

Some Facebook news, first political advertising:


And finally...

Ponies: The Galloping

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