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TFGL2019 - S4 - Ep4 - Day of the Girl

  • S4E4
  • 43:56
  • October 20th 2019

We’re talking about International Day of the Girl - and there’s some unpleasant stats we’ll be dealing with. DSC gave the Charity Commission a proper hammering in the press. It’s just like those design twitter fights, but everyone is more polite, and we’re looking into a new DfE report on the effect social media has on mental health.

And we have a guest with us today!

Dinah Turner - Director of Stepping into Business which aims to empower every child to succeed in the 21st century through innovations such as Entreprenaws, their 5 star rated educational app. 

Find Dinah on Twitter @dinahturner

Find out more about Stepping into Business here.

This weeks topics:

Stat of the week: 

Some stats from International Day of the Girl (Oct 11th):

  • 1 in 6 girls have missed school because of their appearance

  • 1 in 4 have not left the house because of their appearance

  • 1 in 5 have avoided public speaking because of their appearance


130 million still not in school:

Charity news of the week:  

Article in Third Sector blasts the Charity Commissioner:

Tech news of the week: 

New Department for Education report claims social media is not responsible for young people’s mental health problems:

On a related note Facebook launched “Let’s Talk”:

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