TFGL2019 - S4 - Ep6 - Political Ad Fireworks
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TFGL2019 - S4 - Ep6 - Political Ad Fireworks
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Welcome to our special bonfire night edition. As we’re all no doubt aware Bonfire night celebrates the triumph of brutal, state sponsored persecution in the face of a bloody failure of violent rebellion. With sparklers. What more appropriate night could there be for an episode of the Tech for God live podcast.

We have a guest with us! Lauren Hogan, Volunteering Projects Officer with Turn2us, a national charity who support people facing financial struggles.

You can find out more about their Connect tool at https://www.turn2us.org.uk/Connect 

This week’s topics:   

Stat of the week: 

'84% of traffic to Childline is accessed via a Google product, and we have no control over this.


Campaign news of the week: 

The Supported Loving campaign led by My Life My Choice:


Tech news of the week:

Twitter bans political ads whilst Facebook doubles down on not even fact checking them:



Beyond the fact checking there’s more unusual activity on Facebook ads:




A Rant or Nice of the week?:

130 banks sign up to UN Principles for Responsible Banking - Greenwashing or a genuine effort by banks to improve:


And finally

Sifted is looking for nominations for the real "game changers" out there — from founders to developers to community builders in Europe - nominate yourself and your tech for good friends: 



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