TFGL2020 - S1 - Ep1 - Grow
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TFGL2020 - S1 - Ep1 - Grow
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It’s our first episode of the year, and we’ve got a great show lined up for you. We talk about the North / South divide in the charity sector. Oxfam gets some stick because of an expensive jacket, and facial recognition is still the absolute worst.

Host Rebecca Rae-Evans is joined by TFGL team members Greg Ashton, Sacha Wynne and producer Paul Jakubowski.

Our special guest this week is Sarah Miguel, Head of Business Development at People’s History Museum.

Sarah leads on marketing, digital, and income generation at the PHM, building relationships with partners and funders to drive change, raise the profile of the museum and build the organisations resilience and sustainability. She leads a fantastic and passionate team, whose work helps the museum tell the stories of ‘ideas worth fighting for’.

This week’s topics...

Stat of the week: 

New charity density report from NPC shows a huge imbalance for impoverished areas with places like Blackpool getting 0.6 per 1,000 whilst South Northamptonshire gets 3.2 per 1,000.

Charity news of the week:  

Oxfam called greedy for pricing of designer jacket.

Schools to introduce free sanitary products.

Tech news of the week: 

Facial recognition ...yep.

But there’s hope

Rant of the week:

If you restrict access to open-source code, is it still open?


People’s History Museum announces plans for 2020

And finally… 

Newly labelled “longevity economy” taking off at CES

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