TFGL2020 - S1 - Ep2 - Evil
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TFGL2020 - S1 - Ep2 - Evil
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This week we are chatting about a robotic turtle funded by Nesta and the most evil people in tech (like every week!) and wondering if the government will ignore another piece of statistical evidence that they paid for… slow clap. 

Sophie Walker is on hosting duties, she’s joined by TFGL team members Hera Hussain, Greg Ashton and Producer Paul.

And our guest this week is Christina McDermott 

Christina is the Managing Director of Cattington, a social media and digital content agency based in Liverpool. 

She’s worked in social media for over ten years and her career has encompassed everything from creating content for clients including Channel 4 and pretending to be the Green Giant on Facebook. (People asked him a lot of questions about poo.) 

This week’s topics:   

Stat of the week:

Half of veganuary participants stay vegan

Charity news of the week: 

Tech ideas competition for children from Nesta has announced it’s semi-finalists:

A mention for Mental Health Foundation testing new app in Manchester

Tech news of the week: 

Slate review of evil tech companies

A Rant or Nice of the week?

Priti Patel’s plan to tackle radicalised youth is so flawed it’s mad, says study 


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