TFGL2020 - S1 - Ep3 - Intentionality
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TFGL2020 - S1 - Ep3 - Intentionality
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On this week's show we’re looking at the release of the Tech Talent Charter report. In short, if you’re a woman in tech, everything is still crap. We’ll also be looking at Nicky Morgan’s 5 principles to make tech work for everyone. Principle 1, is probably - “there’s no such thing as a principle worth sticking to”, and Principle 2 is, “let’s all eat the poor”. 

Hera Hussain is on hosting duties, she’s joined by TFGL team members Greg Ashton and Producer Paul.

Our guest this week is Dan Sodergren (Flock / The Landing). Dan is a serial startup founder and a digital marketing and technology expert with over 20 years experience in the Manchester technology sector.

This week’s topics…

Stat of the week: 

Tech Talent Charter Report

And Baroness Nicky Morgan outlined 5 principles to make tech work for everyone

Charity news of the week:

Virtual Reality Rehabilitation

Tech news of the week:

In the light of rising racial tensions Facebook takes a proactive and out of character step

Whilst taking a very incharacter step in the same week

A Rant or Nice of the week?

Good or bad, what do digital IDs hold for the future:




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