TFGL2020 - S2 - Ep2 - Return
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TFGL2020 - S2 - Ep2 - Return
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On this week’s show we’re talking about the London Marathon. What will be the impact of its cancellation on the charity sector and beyond?

We’re talking about a platform that helps match charities with volunteers AND we’ll be having a peek under the hood of the new Responsible Innovation Standards launched by Innovate UK. FUN.

Joining host Bex today are Greg Ashton and Sam Milsom

And our special guest this week is Beckie Taylor - Co-Founder and CEO of Tech Returners.

Tech Returners is an inclusive, accessible and positive learning and coaching community empowering careers into and through technology with a focus on removing the barriers which returners face after a career break.

This week’s topics:

Stat of the week

£5m versus £66.4m - what will be the impact of the London Marathon delay and potential cancellation? 

London Marathon: Delayed race could feature elite athletes only

 Charity news of the week  

SpareHand is a platform aiming to help charities find and manage volunteers looking to help out with frontline services

Tech news of the week

BSI and Innovate UK have launched the Responsible Innovation standards

Part of their growing set innovation standards:

BSI - Innovation


And finally… 

The UK had it’s longest period of coal-free energy since 1882


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