TFGL2020 - S2 - Ep3 - Junk
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TFGL2020 - S2 - Ep3 - Junk
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We have a jam packed episode of tech-for-goodness lined up for you this week. There’s a large increase of folks using NHS technology, there’s something on the agenda about brain implants and paralysis and feared sale of .org has been stopped. Huzzah!

Joining host Bex today are Greg Ashton and Sophie Walker 

And our special guest this week is Mike Nolan

Mike is a software engineer, open-source consultant, AI transparency & ethics researcher, and humanitarian aid worker. He’s working with the UNICEF Innovation Fund to assist in developing sustainable open source community strategies.

This weeks topics

Stat of the week: 

38% of people have increased their use of NHS technology and in March there was a 111% increase in NHS app registrations from February - NHS

This comes as NHS goes their own way in tracking the spread of Covid-19 - BBC

Most recent and reasonable update from NHSX about the app - NCSC

And why some believe that isn't so reasonable - The Register

Whilst an Ada Lovelace Institute review claims there is no evidence to support launching an app like this - Research Live

Charity news of the week:  

Paralysis reversed by brain implant and touch decoder - SyFy

Tech news of the week:

.org sale blocked by ICANN:

ICANN Board Withholds Consent for a Change of Control of the Public Interest Registry

And finally… 

The UK games industry will give 85,000 free games to NHS workers - Video Game Chronicles


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