TFGL2020 - S2 - Ep5 - Margaret
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TFGL2020 - S2 - Ep5 - Margaret
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This week features stories about “Facebook Giving”, which is all about Facebook’s donation platform. That shouldn’t be confused with “Facebook Taking” - which all about how Zuckerberg and co have systematically destroyed democracy, privacy and, to be honest, the overall fabric of society.

We’ll also be taking about TikTok, because we’re cool and relevant, and we’ll be chatting about the hashtag #helpacharity.

Joining host Bex today is Greg Ashton and Fay Schofield

And our special guest this week is Will Valverde - Senior Creative Director at US based nonprofit focused digital agency M+R. He’s here to chat about M+R's annual benchmarks study which analyses data from around 200 nonprofits to reveal new trends!

This week’s topics:

Stat of the week: 

M&R  benchmarks report

Charity news of the week:  

Tik Tok are supporting “for good” causes with account management, data and promoted posts:

Tech news of the week: 

Makers lab style approach to open medicines

And finally… 

We are launching our #helpacharity scheme.

We are working with the @10GMpartners to gather responses from charities about their needs during this time and matching those needs with tech volunteers who can help!If you have some time and would like to hear about opportunities to #helpacharity we’ll include a link to a form in the episode notes to tell us about your skills and the help you can give.

Go to the form


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