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TFGL2021 - S1 - Ep 3 - Thanks, Internet

  • S10E3
  • 45:27
  • January 23rd 2021

Hello lonely and bored people, welcome back to the Tech for Good Live podcast!

We’re talking about some shocking stories. The Washington Post reports that if you kick liars off twitter, then there is less lying on Twitter. There’s some stats to back up this unbelievable statement.

We’ve a Third Sector News report that politicians are having some major beef with campaigners and activists. Again, very new information.

There’s also talk of a sweetheart deal between Facebook and Google. This is mostly surprising because Zuckerberg is a lifeless robot; he doesn't have the capability to recognise when something is sweet, nor understand what a heart is. 

Who knows, maybe one day Zuckerberg will encounter his own Dorothy Gale. She’ll have a little Toto with her, she’ll be wearing ruby slippers, there will be singing and dancing, and then she’ll throw water on Zuckerburg and we’ll all finally be free of this nightmare.

Joining host Bex, we have Greg Ashton and Tom Passmore from the TFGL team, and our special guest this week is Matt Collins. Matt runs Platypus Digital, a digital marketing agency for charities. 

This week’s topics

Stat of the week: 

78% decrease in misinformation to following trump's removal from social media - Washington Post

Charity news of the week:  

Hostile relations between politicians and campaigners - Third Sector

Update expected in the spring on the guidance for financial investments for charities - Third Sector

Tech news of the week: 

Further evidence of sweetheart deal between Facebook and Google revealed - Engadget

Nice of the week:

TikTok crowdsourced help for medication pill bottle - Scoop

And finally… 

35% read more in the pandemic leading to a slight increase in independent bookshops - Lithub


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