TFGL2021 - S2 Ep 7 - Targeting a Goth Barista artwork
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TFGL2021 - S2 Ep 7 - Targeting a Goth Barista

  • S11E7
  • 37:48
  • May 17th 2021

They say necessity is the Mother of Invention, so strap yourselves in for a hackathon of creativity. The TFGL Bat Signal has been beamed into the sky leaving Ben White, your stand-in host to sort of moodliy perch on a gargoyle somewhere trying to get a good Zoom connection.

In this episode we’re talking about the interesting choices ahead for employers in the third sector, coming to terms with a more remote workforce. Twitter have opened the tip jar and Signal has been shining a light on Facebook’s targeted advertising, leaving the team to wonder what they’d be labeled as.

Joining Ben (Tired Professional Dad) is Greg Ashton (Angry Food Obsessed Dog Dad) and our special guest Zoe Amar (Knackered Tech Nerd)

Zoe is widely regarded as one of the charity sector’s leading digital experts. She founded digital agency and social enterprise Zoe Amar Digital in 2013, she is the Chair of The Charity Digital Code of Practice and her podcast Starts At The Top discusses how leaders across all sectors are using digital to navigate change,

If you work for a charity or a non-profit organisation based in the UK, Zoe would love to hear your views about your digital skills and support needs for the 2021 Charity Skills Report. You can take the survey here.

This week’s topics:

Stat of the week

83% of staff in the third sector have felt supported during lockdown but 48% still feel their well-being has deteriorated 

Charity news of the week

Twitter launches "tip jar" a new way to give and receive money on the platform - TNW

Tech news of the week 

The Facebook oversight board give it's verdict on the Trump ban - The Guardian

Signal tries and fails to subvert Facebook ads - Signal

Rant of the week

Children taking IT at GCSE has dropped by 40% - ITPRO

And finally… 

Dysfleunt - a  typeface shining a new light on stammering -


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