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TFGL2021 - S2 - Ep 5 - Access to Choice

  • S11E5
  • 50:57
  • May 2nd 2021

Hello and welcome back to another episode of the Tech for Good Live podcast. 

This time, we are talking about a universal basic income trial. FUN. We discuss institutional racism and bias in the charity sector: Absolutely NOT FUN.

And finally, Zuckerberg and Tim Cook are about to have a big fight.

Jonny Rae-Evans is on hosting duties and he is joined by TFGL team members Greg Ashton and Tom Passmore

Our Special guest this week is Mia Peters, a user centred service design and research practitioner with extensive public sector experience.

This week’s topics:

Stat of the week

Two year trial into basic income ends in America and finds find people on the guaranteed income found full-time work at more than twice the rate of non-recipients - Positive.News

Charity news of the week

Another charity reports institutional racism and bias - The Guardian

Tech news of the week

Reaction to the ‘changes’ at Basecamp, that were announced in Jason Fried’s post this week

Things are about to get tense between two of the biggest tech companies - NY Times

And finally… 

Black mirror wasn't far off, get fit and power your devices


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