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  • S16E7
  • 48:31
  • September 19th 2022

Hello listeners and welcome to yet another episode of the tech for good live podcast. This time we are talking about esports, new charity related domains, and we’ll be answering the question, “is web3 dying?” because it’s a 45 minute show and we can definitely wrap that up in a 10 minute segment.

Host Bex is joined by TFGL regular Greg Ashton.

Our special guest for this episode is Craig Steele from Digital Skills Education

If you know a young gamer inspired by esports - they can get Craigs book “Ultimate Gamer: Career Mode - Everything You Need To Be A Gaming Industry Pro” and learn about all the creative and technical jobs in the gaming industry. It’s available wherever books are sold, and in libraries across the country.

This episode was recorded on August 9th 2022

Stat of the week 

The Commonwealth Games hosted an esports pilot event. Data from the Commonwealth Games Federation suggests that 16-24-year-olds are more likely to watch esports tournaments (32%) than traditional sports tournaments (31%), with 44% watching live streams of video games.

Commonwealth Games: 'An education in what esports actually is' - BBC News 

Charity news of the week

New domains added to .org family: 

New charity-related domains released - UK Fundraising 

Annual public meeting for the charity commission is going hybrid on 12th October -

Tech news of the week

Is Web3 dying?

After crypto’s crash and NFTs’ collapse, Web3 idealists race to prove that the dream of decentralization isn’t dead -  Fortune

And finally

Our guest has a Twitter bot which writes tweets that fit pretty well into the wider Twitter-sphere:

Craig Bot 



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