The WorkerTech Podcast - Episode 2: Having a voice
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The WorkerTech Podcast - Episode 2: Having a voice
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This Tech for Good Live podcast is a three-part series about WorkerTech, made in conjunction with our friends at Bethnal Green Ventures.

In this second episode we talk about the importance of workers having a voice. The importance of employees being able to support one another, to organise and take shared action. As union membership declines and tech becomes ever more integral to work and our daily lives, has the ability to come together and to organise faded away? What role is tech playing in this space? We talk about the Google Walkout, hear about a WorkerTech case study to support Amazon employees, and we discuss remote working.

Throughout this series we spoke to Dan Tomlinson from the Resolution Trust, Linda Wickstrom from Accenture, Fabian Wallace-Stephens from the Royal Society of Arts, Unman Mohamed from Organise, Guy Levin from Uber, Duncan McCann from the New Economic Foundation, Rachel Carey from Zinc and of course, Jessica Stacey from Bethnal Green Ventures.

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This podcast has been brought to you in collaboration with Tech for Good Live and Bethnal Green Ventures.

Thanks to the contributions from Accenture, Royal Society of Arts, Resolution Trust, Organise New Economic Foundation, Zinc, and Uber. This episode wouldn’t be possible without Podcast.Co providing us with their studio space.


This podcast would not have been possible without Paul, Rebecca and Jonny from the Tech for Good Live team, and Jess, Dama and Milly from BGV.

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