You Couldn't Write It artwork
Tech for Good Live

You Couldn't Write It

  • S16E8
  • 40:53
  • September 20th 2022

Welcome to another episode of the Tech for Good Live podcast! If you're new here, this is a show where we gather together to discuss tech being for good, but most likely tech being used for EVIL *manic laugh*. 

In this episode we're chatting about a generous (edit: former) CEO, a recruitment crisis in the care sector and iRobot (not the crappy Will Smith film).

Host Bex is joined by TFGL pod regular Greg Ashton and Producer Paul.

Our guest for this episode is Ume Pandya. Ume is the Design & Product Director at HealthLumen. He is also a Venture Partner at the impact investor Bethnal Green Ventures.

This episode was recorded on August 16th 2022

Stat of the week 

CEO Dan Price from Gravity Payments paid his staff £66k as standard and is calling for other companies to do the same:

CEO who pays staff $80K minimum wage calls for companies to pay a fair wage - LadBible


Dan Price, CEO who cut his pay so workers made at least $70,000, resigns - Washington Post

Charity news of the week

Crisis in the social care sector as vacancies increase by 52% over the last 12 months

Government intervention needed to curb the workforce crisis in social care - Care England 

Tech news of the week

Venture firm a16z proving once again that having all that money doesn't make you any smarter, as they once again fund Adam Neumann.

a16z says ‘WeBack’ to WeWork’s Neumann with its biggest check ever - TechCrunch 

This investment in Flow comes just after reports surfaced that VC Billionaire Marc Andreessen fought against a proposal to build new affordable housing units in his ultra-wealthy hometown of Atherton, CA. 

Rant of the week 

The iRobot Deal Would Give Amazon Maps Inside Millions of Homes

The iRobot Deal Would Give Amazon Maps Inside Millions of Homes - Wired

And finally

Some loon made an exo-suit for a snake 


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