Episode 119 - Arms Warriors 9.0 artwork
Technically PvP

Episode 119 - Arms Warriors 9.0

  • E119
  • 1:58:00
  • December 24th 2020

Technically PVP Show Notes

Episode 119 - Arms Warriors 9.0

11:44 - Need-Greed-Pass

In this segment, one of the host’s will pose a scenario with three options related to WOW.  The participants need to decide which option they will Need; which they will Greed; and which they will pass!  So let the hilarity commence as we will decide what we will Need Greed & Pass!

Torghast - 1.) Increase difficulty and rewards    2.) Nerf the first 6 levels   3.) Add a way to pick wings

19:08 - Upcoming WoW PVP Events

  • Dalaran Gaming hosts 5v5 1v1 duels.  So teams of 5 that 1v1 duel (pokemon style).  Keep an eye out - https://twitter.com/dalaran_arogue
  • Flark 3v3 Tournaments will continue on the weekends!
  • Race to World First - Castle Nathria starts Nov 15th!
  • Raider.io will be live blogging global coverage
  • Warcraft Radio covering all the news and has a live radio conversation each morning at 8am EST (podcast version released same evening)
  • OTK will be be having a roundtable and coverage
  • BDGG will be live streaming their event
  • Complexity-Limit will be live streaming there event 
  • Skyline will be streaming as well on DouYuTV 
  • Echo will be streaming on Twitch
  • Pieces will be streaming 
  • Method will be streaming

25:09 - Subject of Analysis

Today we will discuss how Arms Warriors are doing in Shadowlands.

2:25:38 - WOW PVP NEWS

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