Journey through the Maze of Childhood Trauma and Recovery With Karen Keavy from Infinity Wellness Education & Counselling   artwork
The Adelaide Project “Business Spotlight”

Journey through the Maze of Childhood Trauma and Recovery With Karen Keavy from Infinity Wellness Education & Counselling

  • S1E16
  • 50:19
  • September 25th 2023

Dare to confront the unsettling reality of abuse in our society?

This episode brings a powerful conversation with Karen Keavy, an educator, counsellor, and author, committed to helping both children and adults recover from the aftermath of abuse.

Karen takes us through a startling statistic that 39.6% of children experience domestic violence in their lifetime, driving home the importance of awareness and intervention. 

As part of our discussion, Karen divulges her personal journey and the significant impacts of abuse on children.

With a focus on the pivotal role educators can play, we explore how they can spot signs of abuse, providing a nurturing environment for their students.

Our conversation further expands on the unique challenges faced by the current generation of children, including online bullying and exposure to explicit content.

Understanding these long-term effects, we underscore the necessity of educating children on managing their emotions and thoughts.

The conversation takes a transformative turn as we talk about the therapeutic benefits of mindfulness meditation for children, adults, and trauma survivors.

Karen shares her experiences teaching meditation in schools and how it benefits children.

We also delve into her children's book, Angel, which deals with intra-familial sexual abuse, serving as a valuable resource for adult survivors and children alike.

The episode concludes with a discussion on various forms of abuse, the importance of self-care, and how we can evolve into our most significant supporters.

This episode promises to be an enlightening journey, shedding light on a dark yet prevalent aspect of society.

--------- EPISODE CHAPTERS ---------

(0:00:01) - Healing From Abuse Through Education

Karen Keevey discusses abuse, its forms, support for children and adults, and self-care.

(0:15:32) - Impact of Abuse on Children, Educators' Role

Karen Keavy speaks about the effects of abuse on children and the importance of educators in recognizing signs and providing a stable environment.

(0:29:47) - The Impact of Technology on Children

We discuss online bullying, pornography, emotional management, and abuse, emphasizing the need for education and support.

(0:35:13) - Mindfulness Meditation in Schools and Healing

Karen shares her experience teaching meditation in Catholic schools and Angel, her children's book about intra-familial sexual abuse, to help survivors and children.

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