#11 Breaking Bread, Ribs and 100 Dollar Bills w/ Tom Libelt, Founder of We Market Online Courses artwork
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#11 Breaking Bread, Ribs and 100 Dollar Bills w/ Tom Libelt, Founder of We Market Online Courses

  • E11
  • 1:08:55
  • November 20th 2020

11 episodes in and I haven't spoken so much about hip-hop on this podcast, and so I was hyped to jump into conversation with Tom Libelt.

Tom is the owner of We Market Online Courses and host of the Smart Brand Marketing podcast. The journey to where he's at today hasn't been a linear one, though.

Tom was born in Poland but grew up in America. His love for music led him to train as sound engineer at Full Sail University and he quickly secured a dream rolein the early 2000s, working as a sound engineer in New York with artists including The Fugees, Alicia Keys, Gang Starr and T.I.

Tom eventually jumped on the mic himself, having plenty of success with his own hip-hop group in his native Poland and carving out a niche following in Green Point NY.

That wasn't all she wrote, though. As you'll quickly find listening to Tom, in the spirit of hip-hop, he keeps it moving forward. He pivoted his career and hustled hard, learning SEO, online marketing, sales and achieving early success in helping a Muay Thai world champion launch their online courses.

A few years and a few business stops later and we sit here as Tom dominates the e-learning space with his business We Market Online Courses.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Tom's entry into sound engineering, inspired by his early love for music and in particular, hip-hop
  • Lessons from working with some of the world's most loved hip-hop artists, including Raekwon, ODB & Gang Starr
  • Why Tom decided to leave the music industry and learn sales skills from corporate environments
  • The mindset you need for unrivalled confidence
  • How Tom generated his first few online marketing clients, within a few months of learning new SEO skills
  • Tom's transition into the world of online courses, by first helping a world Muay Thai champion launch their first online course




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The track in this episode is 'D.W.B' by Norman Sann.

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