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The Advertising Hour

#17 Exit Like a Ninja with Dave Schneider, CEO of Shortlist.io

  • E17
  • 47:51
  • April 5th 2021

Sometimes I feel like every marketer secretly wants to be an entrepreneur. That their goal is to build passive income through a side-hustle, quit marketing and then work remotely from the jungles of Peru.

I'm not sure why I think this way. Maybe because I've felt this way.

Dave Schneider has lived this very experience. I wanted to know whether his experiences matched my expectations, or whether I've mis-sold myself.

Dave sold links in the early 2010s and that helped to fund his travel around the world, before he eventually embarked on a SaaS journey with outreach software, NinjaOutreach. Dave later sold NinjaOutreach and is currently on a mission to reinvent marketing agency practices with Shortlist.io, the unagency.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Dave's advice in building SaaS products for non-developers
  • The trigger moment that led Dave to consider exiting NinjaOutreach
  • Lessons in successfully exiting a SaaS product
  • How selling NinjaOutreach impacted Dave's life
  • Dave's thoughts on influencer marketing
  • How Shortlist.io was born and what is an un-agency?

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