#16 No Bullsh*t Marketing w/ Sabrina Chevannes, Managing Director of Complex Creative artwork
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#16 No Bullsh*t Marketing w/ Sabrina Chevannes, Managing Director of Complex Creative

  • S1E16
  • 1:08:54
  • November 16th 2021

Sabrina is a marketing agency owner, author, chess master, chess commentator and soon-to-be host of the podcast 'No Bullsh*t Talks'.

I admire Sabrina's approach to transparency and authenticity. Truly I'm envious that she works for an agency that brands themselves with the tagline 'The No Bullsh*t Agency'. To some, this might seem like a bold statement, but I see it as liberating.

I love marketing, but it's true that the industry is full of bullsh*t. It's a beautiful thing when you meet someone that's committed to cutting through the noise and focusing on creativity without a hidden agenda.

***Check the links below to connect with Sabrina and look out for her upcoming podcast, 'No Bullsh*t Talks'***

In this episode we discuss:

  • Is Zoom a suitable solution for recording podcasts?
  • The pros and cons of leading with the 'The No Bullsh*t Agency' branding for Complex Creative
  • The role of honesty and candour in creativity and leadership
  • Is Clubhouse here to stay?
  • What motivated Sabrina to write her popular 'Chess for Children' books?
  • Skills learned from chess that can be applied to business and marketing
  • Is The Queen's Gambit good for chess?

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The track featured in this episode is 'Games in Color' by Emil Axelsson.

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