#2 Lessons from a Life in Podcasting with James Mulvany, Founder of Podcast.co
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#2 Lessons from a Life in Podcasting with James Mulvany, Founder of Podcast.co
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Who better to have as my first guest on The Advertising Hour than a man that LIVES podcasting, James Mulvany, Founder of Podcast.co?

I hadn't and don't intend on having too many guests on the podcast, but there are certain opportunities that present themselves and you can't turn them down. This is one of them!

Podcast.co is one of the world's leading podcasting hosting platforms and James has a storied career that has included him launching Radio.co (for creating online radio stations), Podcast.co (podcast hosting and production) and most recently, MatchMaker.fm (connecting podcast hosts with guests and vice versa).

I could have spent hours talking to James and soaking up his knowledge but he was right in the middle of a podcast tour, recording 30 podcast appearances in 30 days!

In 60 minutes with James, we covered:

  • James' life in audio, his foray into podcasting and the evolution of podcasting over the last 15-20 years
  • James' goals with the 30-day podcast challenge and lessons he's learned from his recent appearances
  • What does James listen to and what podcasts or podcast features inspire him?
  • How to build a loyal audience and stay consistent with podcasting
  • What's the formula for a great podcast? How can you be a great interviewer? How can you be a great guest?
  • How Apple dropped the ball on podcasting but why that's a great thing for the industry!

I had a lot of fun interviewing James and if you're interested in podcasting, there's tonnes of great lessons in this episode for you. Let me know what you think by emailing [email protected]

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