#7 Selling Out with USA Today Best-Selling Fantasy and Science Fiction Author, Russell Nohelty artwork
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#7 Selling Out with USA Today Best-Selling Fantasy and Science Fiction Author, Russell Nohelty

  • E7
  • 1:22:46
  • September 25th 2020

Creativity is what keeps me alive and I often don't feel like I'm being very creative.

I've always had an internal dialogue and maybe even conflict with what creativity means to me and for me. I don't know that creativity is tied to any specific art form. I do know that for me it's more of a feeling than a result. Once I stumble upon creativity, my goal is anti-gravity. But I can't drift too far, because then who will ever know that I found my creativity? Should that even matter?

There's one sentence in my conversation with USA Today best-selling science fiction and fantasy author, Russell Nohelty, that has stuck with me since we recorded this podcast together.

'The transmutation of a thesis argument'. That's the phrase we stumble upon to describe the creative core of Russell's universe.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The role of financial literacy in a creative life
  • How Russell handles feedback
  • Balancing creativity with commercialism
  • Internal and external sources of creative motivation
  • How Russell combats extreme anxiety with writing discipline
  • The process of working with artists to produce graphic novels
  • Finding your creative style or 'point of view'
  • The role of discipline in a creative life
  • The importance of finishing your work but also how to prioritise the work you choose to complete

Russell shares so much great advice from his life as a writer, podcaster, crowdfunder, coach, entrepreneur and all-round complete creative.

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