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Agency growth & transformation with Lee Jackson

  • S1E10
  • 47:06
  • March 26th 2020

I am super excited to be joined by Lee Jackson of Agency Transformation and the Agency Trailblazer Podcast. This episode is jam PACKED with actionable tips and advice to help you with your agency’s growth.

We are going to be looking at the 5 stages of growth and transformation every agency needs to go through in order to grow. So grab a pen and paper because you’re going to be taking away so much from this episode today.


[1:09] Doors are finally open to my 12-Week Agency Accelerator Mastermind Programme! If you’re serious about growing your agency in a profitable & sustainable way, this is for you. Doors to enrolment are only open for one week so be quick, since there are limited places available in 2020.

[1:52] Lee Jackson has been a very busy guy for the past few years with multiple projects including the Agency Trailblazer podcast, The Event Engine and his brand new podcast The Event Martech. How on earth does he manage his time and keep on top of it all?

[5:18] With so much going on, how does Lee determine what he’s going do and what he’s not going to do? Lee actually closed one of his groups recently and he explains the reasons behind this. Focus on what moves the needle forward for you.

[7:42] Let’s look at the typical journey someone takes when they go out on their own. Like many agency owners in the early days, Lee used to work 18 hours days. However, long hours and passion isn’t enough to succeed and grow (indeed it can actually be detrimental to your to agency’s growth!). Lee discusses the 5 pillars of transformation and how every agency owner needs to go through each stage in order to grow their business.

[12:47] The first pillar of transformation – Know Your Identity

You need to know your identity. Be the authentic version of you and commit to your niche. Lee flashes back to when he used to show up to meetings in a suit and tie (totally not how he likes to dress) ….which would attract the complete opposite types of clients he wanted to work with!

[17:29] The second pillar of transformation - Value

So many agency owners still don’t value themselves enough and they regularly find themselves in the feast and famine cycle. We need to recognise that we are amazing at what we do and make sure we charge our worth.

[21:47] The third pillar of transformation – Messaging

Getting the first 2 pillars nailed will make it much easier to understand your messaging and choose the best platforms to get your message across to your audience e.g. Which social media platforms are best for what you do? Lee shares with us how he found his perfect platforms and how you can find yours.

[28:19] The fourth pillar of transformation – Nail Your Output

Be amazing at what you do! We need to make sure the quality of what we deliver matches our pricing.

[32:40] The fifth pillar of transformation – Future

If we haven’t worked out the last four pillars, how can we work out our future? This is all about scalability.

[35:02] How long does it usually take for an agency owner to go through each of the five stages?

[38:06] Why agency owners need to align themselves with someone that talks their language….

[41:24] Lee tells us about his next amazing event for agency owners - Agency Transformation Live on 6-8th May 2020. Read more about the event.

[44:08] I ask Lee “if you could go back in time, what advice would you give yourself?”

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