Are you selling painkillers or vitamin pills to your clients?
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Are you selling painkillers or vitamin pills to your clients?
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Imagine going to your best friend’s wedding and having too good a time and waking up with an almighty headache the next morning. Would you reach for a pain killer or take a vitamin pill? Well a pain killer of course!

Clients who are in pain have an urgent need to solve that pain (with your solution). Yet many agencies are trying to sell their prospective clients a vitamin pill (something that is nice to have but not urgent) rather than a pain killer!

In this short podcast, I am going to teach you how to make sure you are selling your customers the right sort of pill….


[3:00] Your client is buying a transformation from being in pain, to not being in pain. For example, “my website is not generating enough traffic” to “you’ve helped my website generate loads of traffic!”

[5:57] You can’t address a customer’s pain points unless you know them and what makes them tick

[08:53] Is your site’s homepage all about you? If so, you need to change this! Customers don’t care about this.

[11:47] Are you standing in your clients’ shoes throughout all of your outbound marketing?

[14:05] Dig deep and understand what jobs need to be done!

Links to the e-books I mentioned (I have tonnes more, so don’t forget to check them out!):

Are you a niche or generalist agency?

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