The importance of building your mailing list - Email Marketing & Email Automation
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The importance of building your mailing list - Email Marketing & Email Automation
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Welcome to another episode of the Agency Accelerator podcast, hosted by business coach and mentor, Rob Da Costa.

Email marketing (when done correctly) is one of the most effective, if not THE most effective way of delivering new sales for your agency. If you don’t have a list, this should be at the top of your marketing priorities this year.

In this episode I am going to cover a lot with you including: WHY you need a mailing list, WHERE to build your mailing list and HOW to build and keep your audience.

The ROI on email marketing can be unbelievable if you do it correctly, so make sure you tune in and don’t forget to subscribe!

[0:31] Why you should absolutely be using email marketing within your business

[2:15] Email marketing is effective in every single stage of the sales funnel and the best bit….you can automate the entire process. Remember, it is incredibly important that you keep your sand-timer filled, so that your audience don’t forget you and go elsewhere, when they are ready to buy. Consistent, relevant email marketing will help to ensure that you stay in your audience’s minds.

[6:28] What platform should you use for your email marketing?

[9:30] How can you use your website as the entry point into your sales funnel? Drive more traffic to your website using what I like to call “education-based marketing.”

[12:38] How do you BUILD your list? Remember, you must make sure it’s permission-based!

[15:47] First impressions really do count so you want to make sure you absolutely nail your Welcome Email. Here are my 6 tops tips to do just that:

1. Don’t forget to say thank you

2. If they signed up to receive something in return (e.g. a free e-book) give them easy access

3. Set expectations for future emails – what sort of emails can they expect? How often will you be emailing them etc?

4. Tell them a little but more about you to build your credibility even more

5. Ask them to whitelist your emails so they don’t go into spam!

6. Provide further contact details so they can easily get in touch and follow you on other social platforms

[18:21] The value of creating a content calendar so you know what you’re going to send ahead of time.

[19:27] How frequently should you be sending your emails? 

[20:54] Why I am not a fan of newsletter-style emails

[22:13] Don’t forget about your existing clients!

[23:53] Let’s recap this episode

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