Getting off the Client Service Hamster Wheel Of Doom! artwork
The Agency Accelerator

Getting off the Client Service Hamster Wheel Of Doom!

  • S1E38
  • 14:31
  • October 8th 2020

Do you want to avoid CSHWOD in your agency? 

It’s my new favourite term!

Many agencies tell me that they just don't have enough hours in the day because they are so run ragged, serving the demands of their clients, and they fear if they say NO they will lose the client. They end up stuck on the Client Service Hamster Wheel Of Doom (CSHWOD!). Let’s dig into this and explore some solutions.


02:09 Consider that when you say YES you are saying NO to something else

03.05 The first steps to changing this

3.15 Two kinds of change you need to make

4.06 Getting clear about your scope of work

4.37 Getting clear about service levels

6.13 Ring-fencing time to work ON your agency

7.32 Get stronger boundaries with clients and staff

9.33 Working with ideal target customers

10.23 Allocating time every week to work on your agency and support your team

12.05 Having respectful relationships with clients

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