15 Tools & Apps to Help You Be More Productive artwork
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15 Tools & Apps to Help You Be More Productive

  • S3E99
  • 22:20
  • January 6th 2022

Happy New Year! It’s that time of the year when I record one of the more popular episodes of The Agency Accelerator Podcast,

So in this week’s episode, I'm sharing with you the top 15 tools that have helped me run my business more efficiently, get more organised, and provide a professional image to the world.

I share with you which platforms I use to host webinars, manage my marketing campaigns, my email list, organise my calendar, and more. These tools have made my life so much easier and managing my business less stressful, so I hope you will find this useful.

I’m curious to know which are your favourite tools and if they made a difference in your business?

Time Stamp

[0:55] #1 Go paperless with reMarkable 2

[2:32] #2 Kartra: all-in-one platform

[4:57] #3 WebinarJam to host your webinars

[5:53] #4 EverWebinar for on-demand webinars

[7:33] #5 Master your email marketing with ConvertKit

[8:50] #6 Amazing Marvin will make prioritising your days easier

[11:04] #7 Zoom: the go-to for remote meetings

[11:29] #8 Create screen recordings with Loom

[13:05] #9 Finances made simple with Xero

[13:47] #10 Don’t forget to upload your receipts on Dext

[14:52] #11 Google Drive: my number 1 tool for document sharing

[15:54] #12 Organise your most popular links with Toby

[16:58] #13 Final Cut Pro takes your video editing skills to the next level

[18:19] #14 Create professional-looking documents, social media posts and graphics on Canva

[19:46] #15 vidIQ to improve and track your YouTube channel performance


“A good tactic when you're running live webinars is to do them several times to refine them: improve the pacing and hone the content. When you've had the webinar live for a while and it's proven to work, then you can turn it into an on-demand webinar so that people can watch it at their leisure.” - Rob Da Costa

“..my goal is to plan my day and make sure by the end of the day that every single thing is crossed off.” - Rob Da Costa

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