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The Agency Accelerator

My Top 20 Productivity Tools of 2019

  • S1E2
  • 28:28
  • December 17th 2019

Welcome to The Agency Accelerator’s second episode, hosted by business coach and online educator, Rob Da Costa.

In this (bonus) podcast, I discuss the importance of making each and every hour as productive as possible by utilising a range of brilliant tools and apps that will save you HOURS each week.

Remember – Ditch it, Delegate it, Defer it, Do it, or…..automate it! We are focusing on the automation part in this podcast. We are talking all things productivity.

So I am going to cover 20 of my favourite tools. In case you want to skip forward, here is a handy timestamped guide for each tool: 

3.07: LiveWebinar

4.29: Loom

5:56 YouTube and Vimeo

7.33 Autocue & other video equipment

11.10 Canva

11.54 Designrr

14:01 TinyJpg

14:24 Thrive Architect

16:46 ConvertKit

17.39 DuxSoup

18.48: RocketReach


19:53 Buffer

20:29 DripScripts

21:30 Google Drive

22.26 Marvin

23.39 Toby

24.54 AppSumo

25.59 Xero

26.33 ReceiptBank

If you would like a hardcopy of this podcast, you can grab a copy of my top 15 tools cheatsheet which includes more details and links to all the tools mentioned. Grab your copy by visiting

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