The do's and don'ts of using email marketing to generate new business artwork
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The do's and don'ts of using email marketing to generate new business

  • S2E55
  • 17:56
  • February 18th 2021

In today’s episode of ‘The Agency Accelerator Podcast,’ I am revisiting a topic which I spoke about at the beginning of last year; email marketing. If you want a robust business development strategy that delivers a continuous source of ideal leads, then email marketing should be at the top of your agenda. 

Time Stamp 

01:22 The importance of email marketing 

03:02 The importance of building your social media profiles and moving your followers into your email list 

04:54 The 8 do’s of email marketing 

10:11 The 8 don’ts of email marketing  

15:40 Focussing on the growth of your email list 

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