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Whitelabelling with John Horn

  • S2E91
  • 35:05
  • October 28th 2021

In today’s episode of the Agency Accelerator Podcast we are discussing whitelabelling: either white labelling your services or buying in services from another agency. 

This is an important topic since many agencies/freelancers want to sell their services on a white-label basis to other agencies or want to partner with other agencies to provide white label services to their own clients.

So in this episode of The Agency Accelerator Podcast, I am joined by John Horn, the Managing Partner at StubGroup, a Premier Google Partner ranked in the top 1% of all Google Partners worldwide. 

Amongst many topics, John shares how he has built his white labelling services agency, how to structure agreements, set the pricing right, tips in maintaining client relationships, ways to avoid the common pitfalls, and more.

Many agencies and freelancers start out by whitelabelling their services, as a great channel to win business.  As they grow they may want to offer their customer’s services that are not in their specialism, so whitelabelling is a great way to do this without the risk of hiring new staff.

So get ready for this action-packed episode.

Time Stamp

[3:00] How John landed in the world of white labelled services

[5:54] What is white labelling and why would an agency want to white label their services?  

[7:27] The risks in hiring people

[8:49] How to price correctly and ensure that you are paid for your worth

[14:34] Maintaining a strong relationship with your whitelabel partner by establishing strong lines of communication 

[16:35] Brand as you or your partner?

[17:19] Tips in selecting a good white label service partner

[20:12] How to figure out if an agency should hire an in-house team or outsource

[23:54] The importance of transparency in communicating with clients

[25:43] How to maintain a balanced and equal partnership

[26:38] Reasons why you should avoid ‘toxic’ partners

[27:44] What are the deciding factors to consider if it’s right to transition from white label services and bring them in-house

[30:28] How did John manage to teach 85,000+ students online?

[31:41] John’s advice to his younger self


“..there has been so much change in the Pay Per Click World. What you did yesterday may not work today.” - John Horn

“So the ideal relationship that we're always striving and looking for in partners is where there's going to be transparency in communication.” - John Horn

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