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The Art of Being Dar - with Dar Dixon

The Mahmoud Ait Elketab Experience

  • 51:34
  • November 27th 2022

Mahmoud Ait Elketab is a young Moroccan man that was forced into entrepreneurship as a result of The Shutdown in the early days of this pandemic (yes, as of the posting of this video, we are still in a pandemic).

He lost his job and when he began to look for a new job, he saw an opportunity. He provided a service whereby he built an online dashboard where recruiters could meet the appropriate job applicants. It was wildly successful, and he could have built a business around that alone.

But that wasn't interesting to Mahmoud. He loved the community building aspect of what he built. He saw that underneath all of the uncertainty in that venture, what people really wanted was to connect.

He saw how much human beings are social animals

And that caught my attention. His spirit, heart, vision, and empathy are infectious.

In a classic artistic pivot, he and his brother have created a new fragrance line called "Areej".

Their motivation was based upon building good feelings and community like he experienced with his first venture, by evoking wonderful emotions through smell.

After talking here with Mahmoud and his brother, I have no doubts that they will succeed

Take a listen... I think you will too!

The Art of Being Dar - with Dar Dixon

The Art of Being Dar - Hosted by Dar Dixon

Dar is a half Iranian/half American white boy...born in Tehran.

Yes, Iran.

He's moved over 80 times.

He escaped the Iranian Revolution with, literally, the clothes on his back.

He even found himself in a cult...

And through every crazy thing that's happened, against insane odds, he's been succeeding in life & in Hollywood, for almost 30 years.

People with boring lives have boring stories.

Nothing boring here. The Art of Being Dar - with Dar Dixon