The Art Of Living Now: Marisa Hordern, founder of Missoma episode 6 artwork
The Art Of Living Now

The Art Of Living Now: Marisa Hordern, founder of Missoma episode 6

  • S1E6
  • 42:29
  • May 24th 2021

This is a very special episode as today we hear from Marisa Hordern, aka the founder of our favourite jewellery brand and our partner for this series - Missoma.

After graduating from Oxford University with a degree in Modern history, Marisa started her career in advertising with the luxury goods company Richemont. But on the side, she was making jewellery - a longtime love of hers - which she’d sell at boutiques all around the UK under the then-unknown brand name Missoma. Eventually, she took a leap of faith and quit her full-time job to focus solely on growing the company.

While the brand is now worn by friends and celebrities alike - Meghan Markle, Cindy Crawford, and Margot Robbie have all been spotted dripping in Missoma jewels - it took Marisa years to find the company’s sweet spot and carve out its niche as the go-to purveyor of demi-fine jewellery. As they say - it takes years and years to become an overnight success.

In this episode, Marisa shares her rules around work, love and finance, and tells us why her 30s were so much better than her 20s.

The Art Of Living Now

In each episode we speak to brilliant business women at the top of their game about the rules by which they live.

From love, to money, career to home, we want to know how they've designed their lives for success.

The pandemic has hit women’s careers the hardest. This means that one of the greatest challenges we now face in the fight for gender equality is supporting women in the world of work. In tune with this year’s International Women's Day motto #choosetochallenge, the mission-led women's media platform, Her Hustle, has partnered with female-founded jewellery brand, Missoma, and youth mentoring charity, Prince's Trust, to launch a podcast series designed to inspire, lead and move-to-action young women in their careers and beyond.

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About Her Hustle

Her Hustle is a media platform and production house that creates content driven by the female perspective. Their mission is to amplify diverse female voices in the world of work in order to inspire a new generation of women to occupy positions of power as they build careers they love, on their own terms. They do this by way of highly produced live and digital content centered on women's career stories and insights.

About Missoma

Missoma is the rapidly growing UK based jewellery brand on a mission to inspire a more confident, creative and collaborative world. The direct to consumer brand has not only survived a difficult year of the pandemic but thrived. Why? Because of their passion for people, the planet and product. Founded by CEO & Creative Director Marisa Hordern, who quit her job in the corporate world to go after something she loved, Missoma believe in empowering change – whether that’s championing up-and-coming creatives or giving women the tools to achieve their dreams, we’re all made up of many facets and layers that are there to be celebrated.