The Art of Living Now with Valentina Milanova, Founder of DAYE: Episode 3 artwork
The Art Of Living Now

The Art of Living Now with Valentina Milanova, Founder of DAYE: Episode 3

  • S1E3
  • 1:18:29
  • March 21st 2021

Valentina Milanova is the founder of DAYE, the women’s health research and development company on a mission to close the gender pain gap and overcome historical gender biases in medical research and product innovation. 

Born and raised in Bulgaria, Valentina moved to London in study business, economics, and law at the University of Buckingham.

After considering careers in journalism and event planning, Valentina soon found herself drawn in by the start-up world, working first at Techstars and then as a venture associate for Founders Factory. Meanwhile, she began working on her own idea for a company. After 200 pitches to investors, Valentina managed to raise £4.23 million in seed funding, and in 2018, DAYE was officially born.

Valentina joins us on the podcast to discuss how financial insecurity growing up has made her cautious with money, not-to-mention overly appreciative of fresh orange juice; what her parents' complicated yet enduring marriage taught her about love; how moving out at 14 to live with her then-boyfriend gave her a premature exposure to adulthood and why she's always fought to challenge ideas, and people, she disagrees with.

The Art Of Living Now

In each episode we speak to brilliant business women at the top of their game about the rules by which they live.

From love, to money, career to home, we want to know how they've designed their lives for success.

The pandemic has hit women’s careers the hardest. This means that one of the greatest challenges we now face in the fight for gender equality is supporting women in the world of work. In tune with this year’s International Women's Day motto #choosetochallenge, the mission-led women's media platform, Her Hustle, has partnered with female-founded jewellery brand, Missoma, and youth mentoring charity, Prince's Trust, to launch a podcast series designed to inspire, lead and move-to-action young women in their careers and beyond.

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Missoma is the rapidly growing UK based jewellery brand on a mission to inspire a more confident, creative and collaborative world. The direct to consumer brand has not only survived a difficult year of the pandemic but thrived. Why? Because of their passion for people, the planet and product. Founded by CEO & Creative Director Marisa Hordern, who quit her job in the corporate world to go after something she loved, Missoma believe in empowering change – whether that’s championing up-and-coming creatives or giving women the tools to achieve their dreams, we’re all made up of many facets and layers that are there to be celebrated.