EP 008 - But ________ (with Terry Weaver) artwork
The Better Than You Found It Podcast

EP 008 - But ________ (with Terry Weaver)

  • S1E8
  • 1:08:31
  • October 30th 2019

In this week's episode, DJ has a discussion with Terry Weaver inspired by discussions around former President Bush being seen with Ellen Degeneres. You can read his blog post here: http://terryweaver.com/the-asterisk-is-everywhere/

DJ and Terry talk about how our culture is becoming toxic with ways we seek division rather than unity. We hear things like, "Yeah, Ellen but George Bush _____" typically followed by rhetoric... sometimes rhetoric that is obviously untrue based on what is happening.

Terry wonders - what ever happened to wishing the best for our fellow human beings? Suddenly our culture seems to hope for failure and find ways to divide.

There are quite a few lessons in this episode - but the bottom line is that if we can't wish the best for people; we can't leave the world any better. While sometimes we feel we must 'resist' things that are happening that are negative - if all we can do is respond with hate or hateful accusations of someone's character... we gain nothing and only serve to alienate.

Find out more about The Thing, Terry's book and podcast at http://terryweaver.com/.

The Better Than You Found It Podcast

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