Today’s geek culture is an ever evolving, always moving world of wonder, joy and frequently confusing. Movie releases may frustrate us, gaming might very well turn into one big loot box and on-demand video could offer more than standard television programming.

Looking to answer these lingering thoughts and the latest goings on in this world, Bunkazilla UK attempts to stomp and roar with its monthly topical discussion show The Big Stomp.

Broadcast live on the last Thursday of the month on Twitch, Andrew Watton-Davies and contributors take a look at the latest rumblings in geek and pop culture today. With comments coming in from our viewers, there will be monstrous discussions afoot!

New episodes are released monthly.

The Big Stomp is an original production of Bunkazilla UK - an online content creator channel that produces podcasts and web shows focusing on the world of geek & pop culture.

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